Interactive tools to explore the surface of Mars

Teaching resources and further reading

Robotic Exploration of Mars (ESA)
This is the main area on ESA's website with news and updates on ExoMars
Mars Express (ESA)
Here you can view the latest updates on the Mars Express mission
ExoMars outreach resources (ESA)
This page collates a number of outreach resources for the ExoMars 2016 and 2020 missions
How big is the ExoMars 2020 Mission? (ESA)
This is an inforgraphic image showing the sizes of key components of the ExoMars 2020 mission
Mission to Mars - DIY Faraday Challenge Day (IET)
A set of printable resources and guidance notes giving teachers and technicians the basic ingredients to run their very own Faraday Challenge Day.
Space Explorers (UK Space Agency funded project)
A series of 12 YouTube videos from Professor Lewis Dartnell’s ‘Space Explorers’ outreach project which compare video games to real scientific life.
Abbie Hutty - ExoMars Delivery Manager (STEM learning)
This is a video from the ExoMars Delivery Manager. She talks about how she started working on ExoMars in the UK, and sets out two challenges for students
Martian Explorers: Investigating the Engineering of the ExoMars Rover (STEM learning)
This is a unit of three two hour lessons to consolidate understanding of the specialised materials and mechanisms used on exploration robots.
Martian Explorers: How does the ExoMars Rover Work? (STEM learning)
This resource provides a series of 1 hour lessons designed to help children understand the need for exploration robots and learn about how they function.
British built rover begins journey to Mars, via France (UK Space Agency)
A press release from the UK Space Agency annoucing the beginning of the Rosalind Franklin rover's journey to Mars